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What do Flowers Mean?

Acacia: Friendship
Secret Love
Pride, Timidity, Splendid Beauty
First love, Temperance
Belles of Ireland:
Good Luck
Great joy and delight
Magnificent beauty
Camellia, Red: Unpretending excellence
Camelia, White:
Perfect loveliness.
Carnation, Deep Red: Alas! my poor heart grieves.
Carnation, Pink: I'll never forget you
Carnation, Purple: Capriciousness
Carnation, Striped: Sorry I can't be with you
Carnation, White: Innocence.
Carnation, Yellow: Disdain
Chrysanthemum, Red: Love
Chrysanthemum, White: Truth
Chrysanthemum, Yellow: Slighted love
Clover, four-leaf: Be mine.
Crocus: Youthful gladness
Daffodil: Regard, You are the only one
Daisy: Purity, innocence.
Day Lily: Coquetry
Dandelion: Rustic oracle
Dead leaves: Melancholy, sadness.
Fern: Fascination.
Fleur-de-Lis: Flame: I burn
Forget-me-not: Forget me not!
Freesia: Innocence
Fuschia: Impeccable.
Galax: Encouragement
Gardenia: You are lovely
Geranium, scarlet: Maybe next time.
Gladiolus: Strength of character
Goldenrod: Take great care.
Hyacinth, white: Sublime loveliness.
Ivy: Fidelity.
Lilac, Purple: First emotion of life
Lilac, White: Youthful innocence
Lily, Orange: Wealth
Lily, White: Sweetness
Lily, Yellow: Gaiety, walking on air
Lily of the Valley: Return of happiness
Lotus Flower: Estranged love
Magnolia: Love of nature
Marigold: Grief
Myrtle: Home, love
Narcissus: Egotism
Orangeblossom: Purity
Orchid: A belle
Pansy: Thinking of you.
Peony: Bashfulness
Primrose: Wanderlust.
Queen Anne's Lace: Haven
Rose, Burgundy: Unconscious love
Rose, Deep Red: Bashful
Rose, Pink: Perfect happiness
Rose, Red: Love
Rose, White: I am worthy of you
Rose, Yellow: Decrease of love, Jealousy
Rose, Red & White together: Unity
Snapdragon: Presumption
Statice: Remembrance
Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage
Stock: Lasting beauty
Tulip: Fame
Tulip, Red: Declaration of love
Wall-Flower: Fidelity in adversity
Wax Flower: Riches
Yarrow: Healing

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